Battery Control Group

University of Michigan

Welcome to Battery Control Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan!

We work on improving the cost, safety, and lifetime of batteries using a combination of experiments, physics-based modeling, control theory, and data analytics. We are also deeply committed to the education and workforce development needed for the transition to electrification.

Our main research interests are:

  • Battery Safety

  • Battery State Estimation and Diagnostics

  • Battery Degradation Modeling and Lifetime Prediction

  • Intelligent Battery Manufacturing

  • Electrification Workforce Development and Education

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Recent News

9 October 2022

Sravan Pannala is going to present his work on "Impact of Data Window on Prediction of Battery Aging and Swelling" at ECS 242nd Meeting in Atlanta, GA

3-5 October 2022

Our group has two papers for the 2022 Modeling, Estimation and Controls Conference in New Jersey

  1. "Low-Cost Inductive Sensor and Fixture Kit for Measuring Battery Cell Thickness Under Constant Pressure" by Pannala et al. [video]

    • This paper was selected as a finalist for ASME Energy Systems Technical Committee (ESTC) Best Paper Award for MECC 2022

  2. "Parallel-Connected Battery Current Imbalance Dynamics" by Weng et al.

29 September 2022

Congratulations to Joe Drallmeier on his successful Dissertation Defense!

29-31 August 2022

We have a paper for the 2022 IFAC Advances in Automotive Control (AAC) Conference in Columbus, OH (August 29-31) titled "A Fast Diagnostic to Inform Screening of Discarded or Retired Batteries" (Drallmeier et al.)

25 March 2022

Anna was invited to serve at the Li-Bridge initiative, an effort coordinated by the US DoE to accelerate the development of a robust domestic supply chain for lithium-based batteries.

22 March 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Eunjeong Hyeon on her successful Dissertation Defense!

10 March 2022

Sravan Pannala passed his Dissertation Proposal Exam!

18 February 2022

Joe Drallmeier passed his Dissertation Proposal Exam!

7 February 2022

Jason Siegel was awarded the Kenneth M. Reese Outstanding Research Scientist Award for 2021-22 from the College of Engineering!

31 January 2022

We have 5 papers accepted to the 2022 American Control Conference in Atlanta, GA (June 8-10), 2 for battery-related topics:

  1. Methodology for Accelerated Inter-Cycle Simulations of Li-ion Battery Degradation with Intra-Cycle Resolved Degradation Mechanisms (Pannala et al.)

  2. Equivalent Circuit Model for High C-Rate Discharge with an External Short Circuit (Tran et al.)

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