Our lab is located at 1015 AutoLab.


Test Station 1. Battery string balancing, estimation and thermal dynamics for battery modules up to 12 series-connected cells.

The hardware for this test station is integrated with A&D I-test software to enable automated testing, cell balancing and a Matlab (Simulink) interface for real-time hardware in the loop simulation.

The hardware consists of:

Test Station 2. Battery Cell testing, and 3-cell short stacks.

Arbin Bt2000 Battery Cycler capable of two-channel 2-25V and multiple current ranges (200A, 20A, 1A), with auxiliary voltage and temperature inputs and control of an Espec Thermal Chamber.

Test Station 3. 100A 200V Bitrode LCV battery cycler used for the Solar Car Team’s race pack testing. 

Test Station 4. Biologic BCS-815, 8-channel 15A cell tester with build-in electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) capability.

From left: Miriam Figueroa, Peyman Mohtat, Ting Cai.

The testing configuration for measurement of expansion during aging.

ARPA-E AMPED Project Team. From left : Anna Stefanopoulou, Dyche Anderson (Ford), Aaron Knobloch (GE), Charles Monroe, Jason Siegel, Boyun Wang , Ki Yong Oh, Nassim Samad, Jiawei Qin, Saeed Rahimian, Howie Chu.

From left: Aaron Knobloch (GE), Jason Siegel, Nassim Samad, Boyun Wang.