PRINCIPAL Investigator

Anna G. Stefanopoulou, the William Clay Ford Professor of Technology has been recognized as a Fellow of three different societies; the ASME (08), IEEE (09), and SAE (18). She is an elected member of the Executive Committee of the ASME Dynamics Systems and Control Division and the Board of Governors of the IEEE Control Systems Society. She is the Founding Chair of the ASME DSCD Energy Systems Technical Committee and a member of a U.S. National Research Council committee on the 2025 US. Light Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards. She is a recipient of multiple awards and has co-authored a book, 22 US patents, and more than 350 publications (8 of which have received awards) on estimation and control of engines, fuel cells, and batteries. ... and she likes small cars, scooters, e-bikes. 

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Jason Siegel

Jason B. Siegel received his Bachelors of Electrical Engineering Summa Cum Laude from the University of Michigan in 2004 and Electrical Engineering Systems Ph.D. in 2010.  After a two year post-doc, he joined the faculty as an Assistant Research Scientist in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan in 2012.  His research focuses on physics based modeling and control of energy storage and conversion systems including lithium-ion batteries and Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells. Dr. Siegel was part of the team that received the 2016 IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY AWARD: "For the development of an advanced battery management system accounting for electro-thermo-mechanical phenomena."  He has co/authored more than 30 journal articles with an H-index of 16, and a chapter in the control systems handbook on the application of model predictive control to fuel cells. Dr. Siegel served as the chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Automotive Control.



Hamidreza Movahedi

Hamidreza received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 2022.  He is working on modeling and estimation of degradation mechanisms with an emphasis on the effects of V2G services on degradation. 


Andrew Weng

Andrew received his PhD from the University of Michigan in 2024. He is studying how battery manufacturing data can be used to improve battery lifetime prediction.



Sravan Pannala

PhD Candidate

Sravan is working on battery fast charging and active prevention of associated degradation.

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Vivian Tran 

PhD Candidate

Vivian is investigating safer battery de-energization methods via external short circuits. She is also looking at the impacts of battery degradation on school bus fleet electrification.

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Omar Ahmed 

PhD Candidate

Omar is studying the effect of vehicle electrification on auto manufacturing jobs and labor productivity in the U.S. He is also designing online risk-averse learning strategies for powertrain control.

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Clement Wong

PhD Candidate

Clement is working on degradation diagnostics and fault detection of grid‑connected Lithium‑ion battery system

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Apoorva Roy

PhD Candidate

Apoorva is studying V2G communication protocols which can support the testing of EVs as per SAE standards. She has also worked on empirical modeling of degradation in lithium ion batteries.


Jingchen Ma

PhD Student

Zhiwen Wan

PhD Student

Zhiwen is working on degradation and expansion mechanisms identification within silicon/graphite anode lithium-ion batteries.

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Xin Hui Ooi

PhD Student


Elmer (Bob) Keach IV (Ford Motor Co.)

Everardo Olide (Ford Motor Co.)

John Hauck III (General Motors)

Rebecca Pickens (McKinsey & Company)

Miriam Figueroa-Santos (US Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center)

Peyman Mohtat (Apple)

Ting Cai (Rivian)

Dale Igram 

Valentin Sulzer (Carnegie Mellon University)

Suhak Lee (Apple)

Shima Nazari (UC Davis)

Tomas Poloni (Siemens)

Shanshan Xu (A123)

Shankar Mohan (Ford)

Nassim Samad (Apple)

Youngki Kim (UM-Dearborn)

Hector Perez (Romeo Power Technology)

Xinfan Lin (UC Davis)

Boyun Wang (AA start up)

Sun Ung Kim (Bosch)

Jixin Chen (Ford)

Denise McKahn (Smith College)

Buz McCain (Bollard Power Systems)

Vasilios Tsourapas (Eaton)

Kyungwon Suh (Hyundai)

Amey Karnik (Indian Institute of Technology  Gandhinagar)

Jay T. Pukrushpan (Kasetsart University)

Ziyang Zhong (Mathworks)

James Marcicky (Ford)


Post-doctoral positions will be advertised below.

Applications for graduate study are always welcome, however before making contact, applicants should consider carefully whether their interests are aligned with this group, how their study might be funded, and whether they meet the department and university admissions criteria. Further details may be found at the Mechanical Engineering Department website. We are not able to host internship students and will not reply to emails requesting internships.