Battery Engineering Circle Seminar Series

Community of interest in advancing battery engineering and addressing the educational needs for an equitable transition to battery technology.

Imperfect Material for Perfect Batteries (Tues June 15th, 2021)

Mari Lundstrom

Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

Aalto University, Fi

Ulla Lassi

Sustainable Chemistry

University of Oulu, Fi

Bart Bartlett


University of Michigan

Neil Dasgupta

Mechanical Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering

University of Michigan

10:30 am "Raw Materials and Recycling Roadmap (Batteries Europe)" Speaker: Mari Lundstrom (Aalto University, Fi)

10:50 am "Managing Impurities from Secondary Material" Speaker: Ulla Lassi (Oulou Univ, Fi)

11:10 am "Upcycling for Future Batteries" Speaker: Bart Bartlett (University of Michigan)

11:30 am Discussion Moderator: Neil Dasgupta (University of Michigan)

Battery Education & Training (Tues June 22, 2021)

Jeffrey A. Dokho

Research Director for

United Auto Workers

American Labor Union

Alissa Kendall

Civil and Env. Engineering

Institute of Transportation Studies

UC Davis

Greg Less

Technical Director

U-M Battery Lab

University of Michigan

Jason Siegel

Research Scientist & Lecturer

Battery Management and Safety

College of Engineering

University of Michigan

10:30 am Opening remarks Jeffrey Dokho, Director of Research, United Auto Workers

10:45 am "Energy Graduate Education" Speaker: Alissa Kendall (UC Davis)

11:00 am "Battery Manufacturing Course" Speaker: Greg Less (UM)

11:15 am "Battery Control and Systems Course" Speaker: Jason Siegel (UM)

11:30 am "Employment & Powertrain Transition" Speaker: Anna Stefanopoulou (UM)

11:45 am Discussion

Battery Ecosystem - Broad Stakeholders (Morning Wed June 23, 2021)

Jeffrey S. Spangenberger

ReCell Center Director

Argonne National Lab

Andrea Resch Gardiner

Civil and Architectural Engineering Tennessee State University

Debra Rowe

U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development

10:30 am "Battery Recycling Center" Speaker: Jeff Spangenberger (ANL)

10:50 am "Stakeholders in Siting Processing Facilities" Speaker: Andrea Gardiner (TSU)

11:10 am "Green Energy Education" Speaker: Debra Rowe (NCWE)

11:30 am Discussion

11:45 am Break

Managing Uncertain Lifetime (Afternoon Wed June 23, 2021)

Al-Thaddeus Avestruz

Electrical Engineering

University of Michigan

David Howey

Dept. of Engineering Science

University of Oxford

Xinfan Lin

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

UC Davis

12:00 pm "Statistically-Designed Power Processing for 2BESS" Speaker: Al-Thaddeus Avestruz (UM)

12:20 pm "Data-driven battery health modeling and failure prediction" Speaker: Dave Howey (Oxford)

12:40 pm "Active Estimation/Learning for Fast Testing and Diagnostics" Speaker: Xinfan Lin (UC Davis)

1:00 pm Discussion

Mapping Heterogeneity in Used cells and Packs (Wed June 30th, 2021)

Anna G. Stefanopoulou

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

University of Michigan

Dan Steingart

Earth and Env. Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Co-director of

Columbia Electrochemical Energy Center

Jay F. Whitacre

Materials Science and

Engineering Director,

Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation,

Carnegie Mellon University

10:30 am "Deep Diagnostics for Prognostics" Speaker: Anna Stefanopoulou

10:50 am "Sound State of Health" Speaker: Dan Steingart

11:10 am "Meso and macro-scale heterogeneities" Speaker: Jay Whitacre

11:30 am Discussion

battery Sustainability and Public Policy (Wed Aug 25th, 2021)

Gregory A. Keoleian

Civil and Env. Engineering

Director, Center for Sustainable Systems

University of Michigan

Alissa Kendall

Civil and Env. Engineering

Institute of Transportation Studies

UC Davis

Tim Wallington

Senior Technical Leader for Environmental Sciences


Jeremy J. Michalek

Engineering and Public Policy

Mechanical Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University

10:30 am Battery Technology Evolution and Material Circularity Speaker: Alissa Kendall (UC Davis)

11:00 am Electrified Vehicle Life Cycle and Charging Impacts Speaker: Greg Keoleian (UM)

11:30 am Remarks on Industry Perspective and Needs Speaker: Tim Wallington (Ford)

11: 40 am Discussion Moderator: Jeremy Michalek (CMU)