Battery Train the Trainer Bootcamp (BaTTBoot)

for Community College Faculty and

High School Teachers 

In-Person   When: Aug 14-17 9:00am-3:00pm

Where: Chrysler and Auto Lab, U-M, Ann Arbor 

On-line When: Aug 14-17 9:00am-noon

Where: zoom

Anna Stefanopoulou

William Clay Ford Professor

(xEV Operation) 

Jason Siegel

Associate Research Scientist

(xEV Testing)

Chuck Solbrig

Engineering Technician 

(former GM)

Teaching Assistants

Vivian tran

everardo olide

andrew weng

apoorva roy

jingchen ma

omar ahmed

Program Structure

•Morning 9 am-12:00 noon (Chrysler Center Continuing Engineering Education) (link)

   Lecture --> In-Person and On-Line

•Afternoon 12:30-3:00 pm (Automotive Laboratory) (link)

Lab - Hands-on --> In-Person


Day 1:  Monday Aug 14

Morning Lec 1: How Batteries Work (principles, specs, power, range, charging, sizing)

Afternoon Lab 1: Cells and Packs (Pouch, Cyl, prismatic cells, Car, Drone, Drill packs, robot packs) 

Day 2: Tuesday Aug 15

Morning Lec 2: How Batteries Degrade (Cycling, Testing, Cooling, Degradation, Pre-Conditioning)

Afternoon Lab 2: Module and Cell testing, program a cycler, calculate capacity, resistance

Day 3: Wed Aug 16

Morning Lec 3: How Batteries Die (Battery Management System, Thermal Runaway, Short, Venting) 

Afternoon Lab 3: Disassemble a drill pack, high voltage safety, packs (Tesla, Volt, and modules) 

Day 4: Thu Aug 17

Morning Lec 4: How are Batteries Made (Manuf, Materials, Mining, Recycling)

Afternoon Lab 4:   Build cells at a U-M Lab: Battery Manufacturing & Battery Characterization Labs


In-Person Registration Link (here)

Due to the limited seats (only 25) for this in-person morning lecture and afternoon lab and hands-on activities, we will prioritize one registration per institution. Cost $1500

Register before July 14!

Remote (Live or Asynchronous) Registration Link (here)

25 seats for live (via zoom) participation  

Morning lecture only!  Cost $500.

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